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009 ↔ Chapter Five

I know, I know. Another week post late. *sigh* My health has not been kind to me lately, ugh. I managed to catch yet another cold, so that's why I'm late again. *facepalm* Yeah, I hate it too.

I’ve been working on the next part to Run (chapter 12 onwards), but of course, I’m getting stuck on it. *sigh* Hopefully I’ll get over the writer’s block soon so I can work on the rest of it. I’d like to keep up my posting schedule without having to go on hiatus on this for a month or more…

Well, I spent at least a little more time on the sketches this time around. XD; *hit* I know that Orochi's headgear is a little off, but whatever. It's been three years maybe he changed that. *hit* Didn’t spend time on the skits though, as per usual. *sigh* I need to work on that… And yes, only four skits, I know. ;; I'm sick, cut me some slack.

Again, thank you to all my readers and reviewers. I'm sorry I don't get a chance to respond to many of you. Do know that it means a lot to me though!



by tani-chan

Chapter Five – Riot, Please

Disclaimer: I do not own Tales of Symphonia or anything related to it thereof. Why I would, I have no idea.

Genre: Drama/Action/Adventure

Rating: PG-13

Note: This is a shot at a bunny that's been eating my brain for no particular reason. I've always liked the idea of Zelos going through the Chosen ritual instead, and what that would entail. This is probably by no means a canon take on things, and really just me playing around with a rather odd plot device. *chuckle* Oh, and the title of the fanfiction and chapters come from the songs of the same name by Snow Patrol, which me listening to them is what really got the bunny rolling. Other than that, I really have no reason for this strange thing.


Never go back down, well it's anybody's guess
What a riot

Riot, Please


"Tell me why we all have to walk all the way back to Meltokio?" Zelos whined for the umpteenth time. The group was probably halfway back to the area of the capital city, but it had rained yet again once they left the Temple of Darkness. That and bandits had attacked their camp late last night, and none of them had a good amount of sleep (save Zelos, who didn't need it). If Zelos hadn't been awake, they probably wouldn't have even heard them coming.

After finding that lording around that fact was quickly growing boring, Zelos had gone back to whining about walking all the way back. Sheena wasn't quite sure why he was complaining about it, since he wasn't the one who was getting worn out from it. It was probably that it was just in his nature to complain if things didn't go smoothly for him.

"Just shut up, Zelos! We're more than halfway there already," Sheena snapped, the lack of sleep getting to her. Zelos merely let out another long whine, trudging after them as if he was walking through mud (which he was, but Sheena didn't want to think of that). If Zelos was trying to aggravate her, he was succeeding.

"Look, you can lounge around your house for a couple days if you want. I know I wouldn't mind having a small break," Sheena suggested, hoping that he would shut up. Zelos only shrugged, but he did pick up his pace a little. Regal and Sheena both let out a sigh of relief, worn out from the long journey. Sheena mused that Zelos must be tired, too, even if he couldn't feel it. At least she hoped that was why he was complaining so much.

"We should probably try to rest at the House of Guidance if we're not far from it tonight," Regal said. After they had walked for another twenty minutes, the group had stopped for a quick lunch and a look at the map. "We're close to the main road, so we probably are not too far off. I know I do not want a repeat of last night."

Sheena nodded, sighing in exasperation. "Tell me about it," she grumbled, rubbing her shoulder from where one of the bandits had managed to hit her with his sword.

"Glad I was awake, huh, hunny?" Zelos teased, his eyes twinkling.

Sheena grimaced. "Quit bragging about it. Yes, thank you for catching them and waking us up. Sheesh," she said, rolling her eyes. Zelos just laughed.

"Presea, are you doing okay?" Sheena asked, talking sweetly to the younger girl.

Presea was still mechanically chewing one of the sandwiches they had made, staring off blanking into the empty field around them. "Lack of required amount of rest has made walking slow and unproductive. Currently eating food to regain energy," she replied, swallowing the piece of food loudly.

Sheena sweated a little, smiling awkwardly. Something was seriously wrong with this girl. "I guess that's okay..."

Regal threw a quick look at the two girls before looking at the Chosen, who was currently staring at the field as well. "Chosen, you have not eaten yet. Aren't you hungry?" he inquired.

Zelos paused for a moment, but just shrugged, brushing it off. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Stomach's upset," he muttered, going over to join Sheena in repacking things. Regal stared curiously at him, but dropped it. Zelos was not in a good mood, and Regal did not want to aggravate the Chosen any more.

The group made good headway for the rest of the day, despite the muddy ground and rumbling front in the distance. They were glad to find they were not far from the House of Guidance by late in the day and decided to spend the rest of the night there and leave early the next morning.

"Oy, Sheena, you want to share a room?" Zelos teased, swinging his room key in front of her.

Sheena grimaced, snatching the key out of his hand. "You're rooming with Regal, you big pervert. You should be happy there's more than one room in this place," she grumbled the last part, shuffling Presea into their room.

Zelos let out a faint whine, but smiled. He was looking forward to at least laying down on the bed, even if he couldn't sleep. It was much better than staying up all night, crouched on the ground.

"Chosen," Regal said, walking up behind him.

"Ah, big guy. You need something?" Zelos responded, his hands crossed behind his head again.

"...You did not eat anything for dinner," Regal said.

Zelos shrugged again. "Stomach ache."

"You need to eat, Chosen," Regal said, stressing the word eat. Zelos merely shrugged yet again. Regal grumbled. The Chosen was frustrating; he could understand why Sheena grew angry with him so often. "You have not been eating, and I have noticed that you do not sleep much either. Is something wrong?"

Zelos smirked. "Ah, so you noticed," he said, and Regal looked at him in confusion. "Never you mind, big guy. I'm fine," he laughed. "I already talked to Sheena about that anyway..." he added in a mumble. Regal raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak again, but the Chosen interrupted him. "Now, where's the room key? I don't know about you, but those beds look mighty comfy!"

Regal sighed, letting him take the key out of his hands and move about the room excitedly. The Chosen would probably continue to evade my questions no matter what I try, Regal mused to himself, settling into the room for the night. I suppose it is better that he tells us when he is ready.

There was a loud crash as Zelos knocked over a statue that was by the beds. "Ah, my bad. Think they'll make us pay for it?" He chuckled a little, not even bothering to pick up the pieces. Regal sighed. A very frustrating man indeed.


"Finally! Meltokio!" Sheena sighed in relief. The giant walls that surrounded the city almost looked inviting now. Even she had grown tired of the long walk, and any excuse for a bit of break sounded novel to her. Regal also looked fondly at the tall walls, probably looking forward to the rest as well. Presea, as per always, was completely indifferent.

Zelos stood next to Sheena, looking up at the walls with a frown on his face. Sheena caught his look and looked at him curiously. "What's with you? I thought you'd be happy that we came here," she asked.

Zelos' frown grew deeper, and his eyes narrowed as he continued to stare at the city. "I suppose. It's just... it sounds quiet."

Sheena raised an eyebrow. "Quiet?" She turned and looked at the city, straining her ears for any of the usual noise that emanated from the place. She frowned as well when she couldn't hear anything over the high walls. "Well, maybe we just can't hear anything from out here? It's not even midday yet," she said. It is odd though, Sheena thought to herself. Usually this city doesn't shut up, even on the outside.

Zelos simply continued to frown, walking up to the city gates. The group followed after him as they walked into the city. Almost as soon as they entered, the people in the town square suddenly froze, all whispering to each other. Zelos raised an eyebrow, looking around at the crowd. "Well, I've had worse welcomes..."

"Chosen, Chosen you shouldn't be here!" A man nearby hissed to Zelos, looking around the crowd nervously.

Zelos blinked, confused. "What do you mean...?" he asked, but was interrupted by a girl nearly in tears.

"Pl-Please! Leave quickly, Lord Zelos!" the girl begged quietly. The group looked at each other, then back at the entrance suspiciously.

"What is going on?" Sheena asked.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd cried out loudly. "The Chosen! It's the Chosen! The Chosen is here!" A great clanking noise arose as a large group of Papal Knights ran towards the group, circling them in a matter of seconds.

"Chosen, you picked a bad time to return," the commander of the Knights said haughtily once his group had surrounded them.

Zelos merely smirked, raising his chin to look down at them. "Oh, really? Do tell."

The commander obviously grimaced at this, but extended his hand, pulling a scroll out of the pouch attached to his armor, booming the contents of it over the crowd. "You are hereby arrested in the name of his Majesty the Pope, the new and rightful leader of the Grand Kingdom of Tethe'alla!"

The whole group, minus Presea, nearly jumped up, looking at the Knights in shock. "What-?" Regal hissed, confused.

The commanding knight chuckled, obviously pleased with their reaction. "The old King is dead and Princess Hilda has fled the capital, leaving the Pope to take his rightful place as King!" he sneered.

"The King-? He's- He's dead?!" Sheena gasped in shock. The group of knights around them merely laughed, although a few in the crowd around them stifled sobs.

"A warrant for your arrest has been out for some time now, Chosen. It seems the council of priests have all agreed that you are not fit for your title, and we should... relinquish you of this burden as soon as possible." The commander grinned acidly.

Zelos glared at them, while Regal stepped forward, furious. "What have you done?! Why has the King died?"

The knights laughed again. "The King has been sick for quite a few years now, prisoner," the commander said, as if it was obvious. "Apparently he just... couldn't hold on any longer." A few in the crowd sobbed loudly. "The Pope has merely filled in the position since he is the most suited for it. Especially since the Princess has fled like a coward from her duty-"

"Ah, I doubt that," Zelos said, interrupting the knight. "I know Princess Hilda, and while she may be a bit young for the job, she most definitely would not flee from being Queen. Unless her life was in danger, of course," he finished, looking at all of the knights. "I have a good idea of what really has gone on here-"

"Silence!" the commander boomed, growing flustered. "You are under arrest, Chosen. You and your companions will be brought to the dungeon to await your judgment!" The group of Papal Knights closed in around them, grabbing their arms and starting to lead them up towards the castle.

Many of the girls in the crowd started to openly cry, some running back to their homes while most of the crowd started to follow the group. The knights had to form a ring around the prisoners as the crowd started to go into an uproar, yelling that it was unfair and unjust.

"Go back to your homes!" The commanding knight yelled at the crowd, which was quickly growing volatile with the sudden turn of events.

"If we don't handle this soon, sir, we'll have a riot on our hands!" one of the Knights said, growing nervous as the crowd continued to yell and push at them.

The commander, flustered, yelled back at the knight. "Shut up! Don't you think I know that?"

Zelos, who was standing next to Sheena in the ring of knights, laughed cynically. "And to think, all we wanted here was to get a candle."


After their capture, the group had been all stuffed into one of the tiny jail cells in the musty dungeon. Hours later, they could hear the riot still going on outside the castle. The crowd had turned into an angry mob, most of them still furious with the King's death and now the Chosen's capture. Apparently, there had been a small riot before they had come as well, but that had been quieted.

"I suppose it is good to know that the people are resisting this," Regal said, staring out the small barred window in their cell that lead to the streets outside. The sky was orange with the glow of a fire that someone had set during the riot. The group was spread out as much as they could be in the cell - with Zelos sitting opposite Regal, Sheena standing near the bars, and Presea standing quietly in one of the corners.

Zelos gave out a small snort, not even bothering to look out the window. "It's not like they can do anything right now. From what we've heard, the Royal Knights either fled with Hilda, joined the Papal Knights, or were killed. I don't think these civilians will be able to stand up to the Papal Knights right now," Zelos said cynically, sighing. "I highly doubt any of the nobles are in this fight, anyway."

"Will you quit being such a pessimist?! " Sheena snapped, frustrated with Zelos' attitude. He hadn't been saying anything pleasant the whole time they had been captured, always putting down their hopes or anything good they had been trying to make of their situation.

Zelos merely shrugged, sneering. "Just telling the truth, hunny." Sheena huffed at him, but chose to drop it. She had already yelled at him before about it, and that had just devolved into a stupid fight that pissed off the guard.

The group heard a knock at the door leading to the dungeon, and Sheena strained to look outside the bars to figure out who it was. "Who is it?" Zelos whispered, stepping up behind her.

"I don't know!" She hissed back, waving her arm to get him to back away. The door shut closed, and footsteps approached the cell. Sheena gasped gently. "Wait, that's-"

"Sheena!" It was one of the researchers from the Elemental Research Laboratory. He rushed up to the cell, smiling at the group, although they could tell that he was very nervous.

"Oh! You..." Sheena said, clinging onto the bars in front of her. "They let you out of the Research lab..."

"I snuck away," the man whispered, chuckling a little nervously. "Listen, I heard you wanted the Blue Candle?"

Sheena nodded, casting a look back at the group before talking again. "Yeah, that's why we came here in the first place. We never expected this to happen..."

The researcher sighed. "Yes, so many things have happened..." he trailed off, looking at the guard before scuttling up next to the bars. "Here," he whispered, handing her a small candle through the bars.

Sheena plucked it quickly from his hands and stuffed it safely away in her obi. "...Why are you doing this? You could get killed, especially now," she whispered, her tone concerned.

The researcher chuckled again, shrugging. "You take care of Corrine for us, much better than we ever did. And you've been nothing but a help to our research and us. We all agreed on this," he said, smiling at her.

Sheena gave him a smile back. "...Thank you. Thank you so much," she murmured. "Oh, I should call out Corrine – he should thank you, too-"

"Hey! Why are you taking so long?" the guard yelled, stomping over.

"Ah, maybe another time," the man said, sweating a little nervously as the guard came over. "Don't worry," he whispered, catching the group's attention. "A friend of yours is coming, Sheena."

Sheena's eyes widened, looking at him in shock. "You didn't-"

"Time's up! Go back to your station, half-elf! You should be glad I showed you any decency at all!" the guard yelled, motioning for the man to follow him as he glared at the group.

The researcher sighed, following after the rather bumbling guard and waving a good-bye to Sheena. "Good luck," he mouthed.

Once the researcher had left, and the guard was safely out of sight again, the group all turned to look at Sheena. "What did he mean by 'a friend'?" Regal asked. Sheena paused, then nodded, looking at the group, speaking quietly.

"Mizuho is coming."


Hours later, the riot had seemed to quiet down some, although the group could still hear small fights and yells at times. The citizens of Meltokio had put up a good fight, but it seemed that they had been quelled again. The group had managed to stay awake, watching for any sign of the promise of help from Mizuho.

Late into the night, after most of the group had lost the battle with sleep, Zelos awakened them. "Hmm, what is it?" Sheena whispered, shaking herself. She had fallen asleep sitting up, trying vainly to stay awake through the night. Zelos just gave her the signal to hush, motioning for her to follow him to the bars.

After a few moments, they heard a muffled cry from the guard and then a thud. Gentle footsteps rushed over to their cell, and a man dressed in blue Mizuho robes emerged from the gloom. "Orochi!" Sheena said happily, glad to see her friend. Orochi smiled back at her, giving her the motion to be quiet as a few other ninja appeared and stood guard as he picked the lock.

It was quick work, and the group was soon out of the cell. "I'm sorry we have come so late," Orochi said quietly, giving a bow to Sheena.

Sheena shook her head. "No, thank you," she whispered back, bowing to him and the others.

"We were going to use the riot as a cover, but it was too difficult with all the Papal Knights around," he explained.

"We'll use the night instead," Sheena supplied, grinning at him. Orochi smiled back, and motioned for the group to follow him, quietly. The group moved quickly and as quietly as they could out of the dungeon. The ninja had apparently knocked out a few of the other guards that were on patrol in the hall, and Orochi motioned for them to follow him out a secret passage that lead to the Pope's old office.

"We're somewhat lucky that he doesn't stay in here anymore," Orochi whispered sarcastically as they snuck through the room. "It made it much easier to break into the castle."

As they passed by his desk, Zelos noticed a few folders spread out on it with the group's names on them. "Hey, wait a minute. What are these?" he questioned, picking them up.

"Zelos! We don't have time!" Sheena hissed, trying to pull him away from them.

"Just a second," he hissed back, quickly looking at them before taking them along with him. The group moved as quickly as they could through the church, pausing at the great doors before moving quietly outside them. "Orochi!" a ninja hissed, rushing up to the group, almost out of breath. "Orochi, I'm sorry, but they-"

Suddenly, a loud whistle sounded out from the castle and yells of orders bellowed. "The Chosen! The Chosen has escaped!"

Orochi cursed under his breath and motioned for the group to follow him. They rushed through the streets of Meltokio, trying to ignore the loud clanking of the armor behind him. Soon enough, they reached the city gates, only to find them closed shut. "Dammit!" Orochi cursed, motioning again for them to follow him. "We were going to use the sewers anyway. Follow me!"

The group rushed over to the entrance to the sewers, but the commander of the Papal Knights was waiting for them there. "Why, Chosen! How dare you escape!" he bellowed, standing triumphantly over the manhole cover. "And you- Mizuho! You really are a bunch of traitors!"

Orochi and the ninja stilled, a scowl over their faces. Sheena scowled as well, stepping forward. "We were- are loyal to the true King of Tethe'alla! Not the Pope!"

The commander glared at her, brandishing his axe. "How- how dare you! You will all die for such impudence!" he yelled, ready to swing at her. Suddenly, people jumped out of the bushes surrounding them, attacking the commander with rocks and a few with makeshift weapons.

A man from the group turned to them as the rest pushed the commander away from the manhole cover. "Chosen, please leave! We will hold them off!"

Zelos paused, looking at the group then back at the man. "...You-" he began, but stopped, shaking his head. "Never mind. I wouldn't be able to convince you lot anyway," he said, looking up to grin at them. "You show them who's boss!" he yelled, pumping his fist as he and the rest of the group tumbled into the sewers. The man grinned back, pumping his fist as well as he rejoined the fight.

"...Thank you," Orochi said to the crowd, descending into the sewer as well.

A man shrugged, smiling at him. "Hey, we may not always get along, but at least we can help!" he said, and Orochi smiled back, closing the manhole as he went down. The crowd of people stood over it, protecting it as the fight raged on as more Papal Knights appeared.


Well, that ended a little awkwardly. Oh well.

So. The King is dead, Princess Hilda has fled, and the Pope has taken control. Quite a turn of events, right? *laugh* Since you find out about the King being poisoned in the game, I thought it would be interesting if the Pope managed to carry out his plan in this. The main reason why he was stopped was because of Lloyd's group anyway, so no one would notice and something like this could have happened.

This was a bit weird to write, with all the Papal Knights and what not going on. They're quite the bumbling bunch, even in the game. Poor dears are probably holding back with all their strength against the angry citizens of Meltokio. I do not think that they would just willingly let the Pope take over. Anyone upsetting any ruling force faces consequences, especially from the people that were governed by that force. Taking Zelos into custody is a fairly foolhardy thing to do when everyone's hoping for salvation, too.

Anyway, I'll hush up now. I hope you're enjoying this, even with all of the weirdness happening.

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